By 2023, the total number of video gamers is forecasted to surpass 3 billion people globally and this translates to a gaming industry that’s expected to reach $200 billion in revenue. E-sports as an extension of the video gaming industry generated revenue north of $1.08 billion with an audience of 747 Million in the year 2021. 

These numbers explain the global rush for esports by brands, which is the medium through which competitive video gaming occurs across borders. Since its inception in the late 90’s, esports has evolved in the past decade and grown consistently, surging in the past two years, because of the covid-19 pandemic. The ongoing covid-19 pandemic aided the mainstream adoption of esports amongst youths and young adults across the world. 

The absence of physical contact and introduction of lockdowns, pushed sports across the world to explore new ways to keep their new age audience engaged. Formula 1 had drivers and fans compete through the formula 1 game, football teams hired pro- FIFA players to represent their teams and compete against other representatives of other teams. E-sports as a substitute and an add on was well received by sporting audiences who were already engaging in playing these games from the comfort of their homes. 

This trend was not lost on the African continent as it is home to a total number of 700 million gamers, with Nigeria generating revenue of $120million as the 3rd highest on the continent in 2021. Africa’s growing young population and improving internet penetration, makes it a viable market for immense growth in the eSports and gaming industry. 

The opportunity for growth sparked the inception of Gamr, an esports start-up focused on enabling the adoption of esports across Africa and breaking down barriers to participation in global tournaments.

Since their launch in the last quarter of 2021, they have grown to a strong community of 64,000 gamers from across 12 African countries and have signed strategic partnerships to drive esport adoption. One of which is the partnership with Alimosho FC, making it the first football team in Nigeria to venture into football eSports.

“Esports around the world has become so big and engaging with tons of progressive football teams like Barcelona FC, Kaizer Chiefs and Manchester United FC having a go at the opportunities therein. Therefore, we are excited to build a world class football eSports team through this partnership with Gamr and discover hidden talents”_ said co-founder Alimosho FC, Mr Sanni Anibire.  

About Alimosho FC

Alimosho FC is a football sports brand that embodies and represents Alimosho the most populous Local Government in Lagos.

About Gamr

Gamr is an eSports platform for Africa. Our mission is to advance gaming culture and eSports by powering competitive tournaments and investing in tomorrow’s pro players.

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