As a human being on this round ball called earth, nothing sounds better to us than getting paid to do something we love. Now picture the ecstasy associated with the idea of getting paid to play video games, I mean who doesn’t want to relax, play games and win some money?

What if I told you it was possible to feel this ecstasy from your mobile, through the Gamr App which allows you to use your gaming skills to earn money. Sounds interesting right?

Well, if i have your attention, lets dive a little deeper into this.

About the Gamr App

The Gamr app was designed by gamers to help gamers, E-sports players, and gaming enthusiasts express themselves and experience gaming on an entirely different level. With this in mind we have packed the mobile app with numerous exciting features.

Some of the features that make the Gamr App the ideal platform for gamers and E-sports players all over the world includes:

  • Wallet System: Get paid instantly when you win, check your balance, and transfer your funds using the in-built wallet. The wallet system was designed to make transacting on the platform easier and hassle-free.
  • Games: Play various games from an array of gaming options on the Gamr App.
  • Tournaments: This allows you to compete in any tournament of choice from across the world, as a single-player or with your team. Tournament organizers can also set up tournaments on the platform.
  • Check leaderboards: See how you and your team of choice are ranked on the leaderboards throughout the duration of tournaments.
  • Live Stream events: Stream events and competitions live from the comfort of your home or chill spot.

How to get started on the Gamr App

  1. Download the Gamr App on your device from your Google Playstore or iOS app store.
  2. Create an account with your details
  3. Verify your account with your email
  4. Set up your profile and wallet
  5. Create a team if you have one
  6. Choose between using the free package or paid package (if you want to participate in competitions with over $50 in the prize pool)

The Gamr App is the first of its kind in Africa and it is set to revolutionalize the gaming and the esports industry. 

Download the App from your Google Playstore or iOS App Store

Gamr, creating a gaming experience just for you.